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A coffee house by day and a beer pub by night, Brewed is a local community hang-out spot located in the hip South Side District of Fort Worth. 
Brewed serves local Texas coffees and local craft beers, but also prides itself on it's chef inspired, farm-to-table cuisine...breakfast, lunch and dinner. It was founded by four couples, friends from a local church, who wanted to create a space, where people could gather while enjoying great food and drinks. Brewed is filled with eclectic furniture found at local thrift shops which brings together its cozy, comfortable environment.


A brand new concept, with six owners, no marketing plan, mix-message purpose and a challenging location.


• Introduced and executed a marketing strategy (never established at Brewed before)

• Grew brand awareness through day-part promotions

• Creatively showcased food and beverage selections (in-house & in-community)

• Focused on online and social media marketing through specials and events - pop-up marketing

• Established Brewed within its community with a "boots on the ground" marketing strategy

• Created successful and bold promotional campaigns centered around weekend/special event, to-go and catering


• Individual day-part sales increase 19% with the focus of "the gathering place" for brunch, coffee & craft beers

• Quality of food was enhanced - made to order with fresh ingredients

• Implementation of marketing promotions through all day-parts, food quality & bar selection emphasis.

• Awareness was up, 14.2% for weekend brunch

• New location opened in 2020 at DFW Airport in Terminal D (new investors)


• Brand Marketing Strategy

• Day-Part Messaging

• Food/Beverage Photography

• Website Design

• External Team/Vendor Management

• SMS Marketing

• Promotion & Print Collateral

• Advertising

• Social Media Promotions

• Local Store Marketing

• Apparel Design

• Unconventional Media

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