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Milton Glaser - "Hitting the Bull’s-Eye, Again and Again"

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

His obituary this past weekend, in New York Magazine, summed it up perfectly, "He just kept hitting the bull’s-eye, again and again". Milton Glaser was known to most of us through Art History classes. We studied his works of famous logo designs, creative music and theater posters, and his highly imaginative spaces of giant, colorful murals. He had a certain style and after you studied him, you definitely knew ‘a Milton Glaser’ if you saw one.

Milton Glaser will live on in all of us through the design culture he ensued in our industry – his depth and conceptual understanding of space within a brand, the way he could make your eyes flow through his designs and the rich color that would draw you into a brand’s story. He was one of the best inventive graphic storytellers of our time. RIP Milton Glaser, thank you for what you taught us! #inspirations

New York State, 1977

Bob Dylan Album Poster, 1960's

Gary Comer Youth Center in Chicago, 2011

Mad Men Graphic Animation (final season), 2017

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