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Hoffbrau Steak & Grill House

A relaxed casual atmosphere where family & friends gather to enjoy Texas inspired meals over great conversations.


As a 40 year old family-owned restaurant concept who had gone from over 60 units to just four in 10 years, Hoffbrau Steakhouse was due for a re-image, rebrand & renew. This meant evaluating EVERYTHING about the restaurant and it's purpose -  from the brand all the way down to it's "brick & mortar". With sales down and an over-saturated restaurant industry, this was a huge risk, but the payoff would be a game-changer.


I implemented a "brand 180" starting by renaming Hoffbrau Steakhouse... Hoffbrau Steak & Grill House, this allowed for the menu expansion of offerings and specials, above and beyond steaks. All beef products were upgraded from Choice to Certified Angus Beef, pork was upgraded to Durock and menu items were retooled to be made from scratch with fresh ingredients. With an updated brand, I designed and launched new lunch, dinner and bar menus. Print promotions were developed to highlight the new steak/beef/pork line-up and advertisements saturated the Dallas, Fort Worth, Amarillo, Granbury and Haltom City markets. I created a fluid brand/marketing plan, so that as the new Hoffbrau concept was introduced, we would be able to pivot from real time data and constant customer polling. I put together an outside digital and social media team and coordinated the website design/execution and the social media channels/plan. Additional design, execution and managing responsibilities included - an overall re-introduction/awareness campaign, new staff uniforms, new plate ware/glassware, table-top, furnishings, exterior dining and supporting prominent sponsorships with the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo, Granbury Circuit Rodeo, State Fair of Texas and Cutting Horse Annual Show in Amarillo. At the same time the Hoffbrau brand was getting an update, I hired and managed local contractors, remodeling all stores to take on the new brand look and feel.


• Bar sales increase 23% with the focus of beer & margaritas at great prices

• 9% cut in food costs, while the quality of food was enhanced

• Re-implementation & consistency of marketing promotions through all new menu items, food quality & bar selections.

• 18-22% increase in food sales at all five stores.

• Awareness was up, 12% among the 34-55 & 60-72 year olds

• Traffic up 7% on website, specifically clicks to the new menu


• Brand Identity

• Logo Design

• Cross-Functional Team Leadership

• Brand Messaging

• Brand Photography

• Website Design/Development

• Email & SMS Marketing

• Environmental Design

• Signage Design

• Staff Recruitment Materials

• Advertising

• Outdoor Advertising

• Sponsorships & Event Planning

• Social Media

• Local Store Marketing

• Beverage Vendor Partnerships

• Uniform & Packaging Design

• Radio

• Promotion & Print Collateral

• Marketing Strategy

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